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git-hub command

It's not useful to open a file you wish on github.com through web browser from the top page of repository. You have to click and click so much.

git-hub sub command decreases the efforts, and you can open page you wish on github. Now it supports only MacOS X because of using "open" command.


usage: git hub [command] [args]

  git extension for github to open page

  blob      <path-pattern>[:index] [ref]
  commits   [ref]
  commit    <path-pattern>[:path-index][:ref-index]
  compare   <to-ref> [base-ref]
  graphs    [contributors|commit-activity|code-frequency|impact|punch-card]

  ref can be hash string like "566b682d5b" or remote branch name.
  blob:                                          commits:
    git hub blob README                            git hub commits master
    git hub blob README:2                          git hub commit[s] 82a98bc
    git hub blob RELEASENOTE release-20120615    
    git hub blob LICENSE 566b68

  commit:                                        history:
    git hub commit git-hub                         alias of commit
    git hub commit README:2:3
    git hub commit pom.xml::3

  compare:                                       diff:
    git hub compare spike-branch                   alias of compare
    git hub compare spike-branch big-change
    git hub compare 8a98bc 82a98bc^

  branches:                                      tags:
    git hub branches                               git hub tags

  graphs:                                        network:
    git hub graphs                                 git hub network