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Check if elastic IP is associated


The sub command ec2 describe-instances doesn’t show whether it has Elastic IPs or not. Another sub command ec2 describe-addresses shows InstanceId and PublicIp.

We can join them with join command representing Name.

Grafana panel JSON generator in golang


Grafana has HTTP API but it seems no APIs for panel operations at a glance.

My team has several AWS accounts and I’d like to create dashboards with CloudWatch datasource for every account. For example, such dashboards have same contents with some panels. The panels are same for each dashboard, but parameters (e.g: instance ID, account ID, metric name, etc) are different. It bothers us to create dashboards manually one by one for all accounts.

So I created a command in golang to generate panel JSON for CloudWatch.

How to deploy angular app on GitHub pages


GitHub has a service to easily publish your websites, GitHub Pages. It’s very useful to publish sites with simple static files. I’ve published a webapp as an angular trial for me, which is gh-issues. I’ll write how to do it.

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