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brownie 0.1.0

Sorry! brownie has already unpublished from npm. Let's use [GRUNT](http://gruntjs.com/).

I released a smart npm module, brownie-0.1.0. brownie provides three features.

  • generate coffee-script project which is publishable to npmjs.org at once.
  • you can develop your new project right away because Cakefile is already configured for popular tasks like compile, minify and test(run spec).
  • help making task of Cakefile and support namespace for tasks.

install brownie with npm.

$ npm -g install brownie
$ brownie init myapp
$ cd myapp
$ npm install
$ node bin/cli.js you
hello, you

set PATH using .setenv which brownie generated, type cake and you'll see a few tasks.

$ . .setenv
$ cake
Cakefile defines the following tasks:

cake compile              # compile *.coffee
cake minify               # minify myapp.js
cake spec::run            # run spec with jasmine-node
cake spec::compile        # compile *Spec.coffee

compile task compiles *.coffee under lib/js directory.

$ cake compile
Compiled lib/js/myapp.coffee to build/.js/myapp.js successfully

$ ls build

minify task minimize build/myapp.js.

$ cake minify
$ ls build
myapp.js  myapp.min.js

spec::run task runs all specs under spec directory.

$ cake spec::run

Finished in 0.015 seconds
1 test, 1 assertion, 0 failures

spec::compile task compiles spec/*.coffee as compile task.

$ cake spec::compile
Compiled spec/myappSpec.coffee to build/.spec/myappSpec.js successfully

$ ls build
myapp.js  myapp.min.js  myappSpec.js

brownie is licensed under MIT license.