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jQuery css return different value for WebKit and Gecko

I usually use Google Chrome on MacOSX and develop JUMLY, too.

JUMLY didn't work properly on Firefox yesterday when I released. The reason was the difference jQuery.css returns value for "left" of div applied position:relative.

At following case, WebKit returns "auto", but Gecko returns "0px".

var div = $("<div>").css({position:"relative"});
var parent = $("<div>").css({position:"relative"});

About a node which position is "relative", when it is in another node which position is "relative", Gecko, which is 17.0 on MacOSX, returns "0px".

I tentatively fixed as https://github.com/tmtk75/jumly/commit/4f8332d3be3d32199b26220b59181d5647a885ff for now, but how do I see if left of css is specified as "0px" or not on Firefox?