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Undefined Title

Module version mismatch. Expected 10, got 1

I encounterd following error when I ran an app using sqlite3 on node.js of MacOSX.

Module version mismatch. Expected 10, got 1

It's probably owing to node.js's version. Check it out. Currently for me, it worked on node.js 0.8.16. On 0.8.20, it didn't work.

If you use nvm, change the version.

$ nvm use 0.8.16

Actually, I tried to correct and checked versions about node-sqlite3 installed by npm and sqlite3 installed by MacPorts.

foobar@0.1.0 /Users/mydirectory/myproject
└── sqlite3@2.1.5 

node-sqlite3 was 2.1.5.

foobar@~/myproject$ sudo port activate sqlite3
--->  The following versions of sqlite3 are currently installed:
--->      sqlite3 @
--->      sqlite3 @3.7.15_0
--->      sqlite3 @ (active)
Error: port activate failed: Registry error: Please specify the full version as recorded in the port registry.

sqlite3 was active as

It seemed I upgraded the version of node.js unfortunately, Wasted time.