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Template Gallery for Google Drive

Where is templates?

I've really wondered why google drive doesn't have template feature. There were no any links to template list in the page, and If I clicked the CREATE button, I couldn't find any icons for template.

How to configure apps in Google Drive

But now I finally found out how to configure as we get the link
I will explain it.

Click the gear icon on the top-right and chooose "Manage apps".

Click the link "Connect more apps".

Input "template" in the search box and press the enter.

You can probably see a few apps related for Google Drive template.
Click a "+ CONNECT" which you prefer.

Click "OK".

Click "OK" again.

Succeeded to configure

Then, if you click "CREATE", you can see the app you selected.

And you will jump to the Google Docs Template Gallery.

Actually, I'm wondering why google doesn't prepare this template feature by default.