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JUMLY v0.1.5-1 release

Sorry! This feature almost hasn't been working due to heroku's memory quota.

I released JUMLY v0.1.5-1.
This version doesn't have functional improvement, but the official site provides an interesting REST API.

It's very easier for embedding UML sequence diagram on your HTML document.

Generating image data

The REST API generates image data for given JUMLY code.

curl -XGET \
curl -XPOST \
  -H"content-type:text/jumly+sequence" \
  jumly.herokuapp.com/api/diagrams \
  -d "\@found 'You'" 

You can test it on the demo page, http://jumly.herokuapp.com/try.html.

And also here is the spec of REST API, https://github.com/tmtk75/jumly/wiki/REST-API. (Actually, it is alpha version and unstable)


For example, following image is generated with the URL http://goo.gl/Sjvju.