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Undefined Title

docker run failed with accessing a corrupted share library

Encountered a following error. Why does this happen? I tried on ami-9ffa709e in ap-northeast-1a. The instance type is m1.small.

docker run centos /bin/echo hello
panic: accessing a corrupted shared library

goroutine 1 [running]:
github.com/dotcloud/docker/sysinit.executeProgram(0xc20007c180, 0xc20007c180, 0xa)
  /builddir/build/BUILD/docker-0.7.2/_build/src/github.com/dotcloud/docker/sysinit/sysinit.go:208 +0x2ff
  /builddir/build/BUILD/docker-0.7.2/_build/src/github.com/dotcloud/docker/sysinit/sysinit.go:255 +0x689
  /builddir/build/BUILD/docker-0.7.2/dockerinit/dockerinit.go:14 +0x18

goroutine 3 [syscall]:
  /usr/lib64/golang/src/pkg/os/signal/signal_unix.go:21 +0x1c
created by os/signal.init·1
  /usr/lib64/golang/src/pkg/os/signal/signal_unix.go:27 +0x2f

Actually, docker works just after it was installed. If I pull a repository which I made and registered in the docker index, it becomes not working... The repository is tmtk75/puppet-3.4.1.

How to reproduce it,

  1. Set up docker in CentOS6.4 of AWS. The version I'm using is 0.7.2.
  2. Execute docker run centos /bin/echo hello. It should work.
  3. Pull a repository, docker pull tmtk75/puppet-3.4.1. It was registered by me, here.
  4. Execute again docker run centos /bin/echo hello. It fails somehow with above error :-(


When I reinstalled docker and tried above again pulling tmtk75/ruby-2.0.0p353 instead of tmtk75/puppet-3.4.1, I got a different error like:

2014/01/05 03:57:17 Error: create: mkdir /var/lib/docker/devicemapper/mnt/5c2ae65fd1ff3ea34ea1031e52c23199344dbb0dda94ed457c0dd6a5b93e7964-init/rootfs: input/output error

Mh... what's happening...