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Build envconsul on Docker container

envconsul seems we cannot download its built binary file and need to build by ourselves. Ideally it's hopeful to use go get but it needs to golang environment. When I wanna use envconsul on a CentOS host but only there is MacOSX having golang, yeah, you can use Vagrant or Docker.

So I wrote a Dockerfile.

It's very simple to install golang and git with yum, and go get and build. Thankfully it never change host OS.

CMD ["cp", "envconsul", "/target"]

This CMD copies the built binary into /target, if you run as follow, the binary comes into /tmp of the host OS file system.

docker build -t envconsul.build .
docker run -v /tmp:/target envconsul.build

Then you transfer it to the CentOS.

In MacOSX, probably you use boot2docker, copy it with scp.

$ boot2docker config | egrep 'SSHPort|SSHKey'
SSHKey = "/Users/<yourname>/.ssh/id_boot2docker"
SSHPort = 2022
$ scp -P 2022 -i ~/.ssh/id_boot2docker docker@localhost:/tmp/envconsul
envconsul                                100% 8304KB   8.1MB/s   00:01

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