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Vagrantfile to launch prometheus and grafana with nginx and fluentd

Prometheus is easy to deploy because of single binary written in golang. I created a Vagrantfile so that we can more easily try prometheus running with Grafana, nginx and fluentd on our machine locally.


It takes about 15 minutes to launch all VMs without time to download the box. It's useful if you're new to try Prometheus and Grafana.

What you can do

  • Try Prometheus to see metrics from the below exporters
  • You can see the above metrics Grafana


             - prometheus:9090
             - alertmanager:9093
             - grafana:3000
             - td-agent:24224
   |                         |
   v                         v
client1                   client2  
 - node_exporter:9100      - node_exporter:9100
 - nginx:80,9999           - nginx:80,9999
 - td-agent:24231          - td-agent:24231

How to provision

It uses ansible_local provisioner with ansible roles.

Hopeing this repository is helpful for you.